Henry Plaid Jungle Theme Nursery Decor

Henry Plaid Jungle Theme Nursery Decor
Henry Plaid Jungle Theme Nursery Decor by buckhawk-designs featuring candy jars
This whole collection and plenty more are available through the fun of Zazzle products. But, the Henry Plaid became so much more when it was published on both fabric and wall paper. Not to mention some cute wall decals.
Imagine curtains to match your baby’s room decor. Then choose an opposite wall and put up the matching wallpaper. Wow, that plaid nursery decor will just plain come to life!
The wallpaper is easy to put up. There’s no mess with it, just line it up and press it along the wall. It sticks all by itself. Really!
Here are a few tips to making things even easier:
  • Make sure you have a straight line to start with. You can do this with anything that has a 90 degree angle. Not all floors or baseboards are really square to the wall, so be sure to check first.
  • Start at the bottom and press up as you go. This will help you get all the air bubbles out that might form.
  • If you do run into an air bubble or other problem, gently peel back the wallpaper until you have the problem corrected, then continue to press along.

All the items pictured are listed below, ready for you to just click and get for your own Henry Plaid nursery decor in a jungle theme. You can see more about the Henry Plaid collection at nursery decor coordinates. Be sure to check that out.

Then don’t forget to add in those fun fabrics for more decorating or maybe a wallpaper design. The Henry Plaid collection is now available in all of these options.

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