Creating a Horse Theme Bedroom for Kids

Girls-Western-BeddingAs a child, I loved horses. Anything to do with horses was what I wanted. Now, I have a niece who has followed in my footsteps. She loves horses. She wants her bedroom decorated in a horse theme.

So it was time to help her parents out. It was time to show them how to decorate her room in a horse theme. We made it easy decorating. No repainting, no rewallpapering. That’s the hard stuff. We just needed to change the effect of her bedroom decor.

Start with the Bedding Set

With any decorating, I always start with the largest item first. In the case of children’s bedrooms, that’s the bed. So we found some great choices for the bedding sets with a horse motif. They had to make a choice of which one to get. That was the hard part. The options for different looks for horse theme bedding sets are numerous. And most of them are ideal for my niece’s bedroom.

Once the decision for the horse bedding set was made, we could easily pick accessories. When you know what the main color scheme for children’s bedroom decor is, then you can add in things that work with that color scheme.

Continue the Horse Bedroom Theme

The first accessory we added was horse wall decals. We created a fun look of running horses Horse Wall Decalsacross her wall, over her dresser, then grazing on the wall beside her bed. OK, here I have to insert that she adores her room. The effect of the horse wall decals was perfect.

Next we added a small shelf on the wall that held part of her horse figurine collection. More of her collection sits on top of her dresser, her nightstand and on her headboard. She has a large collection of horse figurines.

The whole horse themed bedroom was created with not much expense on her parent’s part. They were thrilled with that. Easy kid’s bedroom decorating is inexpensive when you work with the accent and accessories in the theme.


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